As a resident here for these last five years, I would like to share my thoughts with you. Park Avenue Extended Care is my home in so many ways; my bed is very comfortable, my meals are tasty and plentiful, my room is kept so clean and most of all, the staff of doctors, nurses and aides are very cari(view more)
- Dorothy Meehan
When you enter the sliding doors of Park Avenue Extended Care you'll see a clean spacious lobby with couches and a television so that residents, family and friends can visit or enjoying the television. On Saturday and Sunday you can enjoy free coffee and cookies. Every month we have get together on (view more)
- Mary Gambetta
I highly recommend Park Ave to everyone who needs a lot of care. I was in need of extensive care when I first arrived at the facility. Today I get to walk out of here and I’m so thankful to all the staff Who helped me achieved all my goals. I especially want to thank the nurses that took care of me (view more)
- Jodi A.
This facility is very clean, the Aides are their best asset. When you are very needy and your body is not able to move, all the ladies are so dedicated to help you with a genuine heart to make you feel comfortable and assist you very kindness. The nurses are also so helpful. I do recommend this faci(view more)
- D.H.
Facility is excellent. Aides and nurses are very nice and helpful. They helped me get better to come home to my family.(view more)
- C.H.
The facility is very nice. I have no complaints while being here at Park Ave. The staff are super caring and are really attentive to the needs of the residents. All the departments are exceptional and the facility overall is superb. I am very happy with choosing Park Ave and will recommend everyone (view more)
- J.A.
The staff and administration treated me like a king. I've never been hospitalized before so this was my first experience. My nurses and health care aids were phenomenal. I actually felt like a baby cared for by a bunch of great moms.(view more)
- R. Santoro